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Credits Gone (A Song About Leaving)

testo: F. Moro
musica: F. Moro, A. Pizzut, E. Berto

cello: Alice-Micol Moro

prodotto da T.O.M. Project
registrato e mixato da Enrico Berto presso Mushroom Studio - PN
masterizzato da Shawn Hatfield presso AudibleOddities - West Oakland, CA

Testo della canzone

Gone (A Song About Leaving)

What could I tell you more, after trying every word?
Isn't my silence enough?

And I've opened up my soul to let you see my whole world
Do you still have anything to learn?

Why are you standing at the door?
This time I wont come back home
Here is not where I belong anymore

'Cause the days of my life are the only thing I own
And I feel I'm not growing up but I'm just getting old

I still have something to find out crossed the line of no return
But how could I tell you that I'm gone?

Album che contiene Gone (A Song About Leaving)

album The Selfish Love Manifesto - T.O.M. Project
The Selfish Love Manifesto 2013 - Rock, Indie, Alternativo

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