T.O.M. Project - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Save Me (A Sort of Prayer)



Credits Save Me (A Sort of Prayer)

testo: F. Moro
musica: F. Moro, A. Pizzut, E. Berto

drums: Lorenzo Fonda

prodotto da T.O.M. Project
registrato e mixato da Enrico Berto presso Mushroom Studio - PN
masterizzato da Shawn Hatfield presso AudibleOddities - West Oakland, CA


Testo della canzone

Save me (A Sort Of Prayer)

Lend me the strength I'd need to strive
I'll bring the wit and I'll take the knife

And make it either black or white
to me grey is just the cheapest fight

I don't believe in compromise
Please save me from being wise

Consistency tends to be blind
So change the purpose and I'll change my mind

And make me aware of things you fudge
to try to teach me how not to judge

'Cause I could try but I wouldn't swear
Please save me from being fair

When I ask questions in search for a trace
Remind me that answers cannot be erased

Don't show directions while helping with the road
I would find my way out, just tell me to go

Don't praise me if I'm right, don't blame me when I'm wrong
But show that through your eyes there's no difference at all

Save me once again 'cause after all I'm just a man

Album che contiene Save Me (A Sort of Prayer)

album The Selfish Love Manifesto - T.O.M. ProjectThe Selfish Love Manifesto
2013 - Rock, Indie, Alternativo
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