Trans Upper Egypt

2018 - Psichedelia, Afro, Trance


Rising from a 4 years hiatus, The East Rome’s TRANS UPPER EGYPT finally strikes back with a new LP, following up the two previous albums, both on the Austin based MONOFONUS PRESS.

After a few line up changes, Simne Donadni (Rainbow Island) definitely joins the band with his avant primitive drumming, beside the former members Bob Junior (Holiday Inn / Bobsleigh Baby) and Leo Non (WoW!). These new tracks, recorded near Turin in the Farm / Studio run by Boto (Movie Star Junkies / OaXacA) bring a pretty clear evolution in their sound, without any changes to their attitude: hypnotic trance Songs assembled with a mix of primal Kraut and psych vibes, repetitive Dub bass and Afro beats, acid Synth lines and roared mantras recited by a blurred enchanting voice. Seven killer tracks make this album essential for everyone who digs Italian 70’s tunes, german Kraut, minimal synth punk and psych travels (with or without drugs).



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