Treehorn Senescence Ascolta

Treehorn Senescence Ascolta

Rock, Noise, Alternativo 

foss angeles (CN), Piemonte



Descrizione Senescence

Heaven on your penis Keep and wash up yourself Bless this Judas blood More pure than yours. Oh! Me too Me, I and myself. And Jesus Christ suffers. When I drive a stake in your head Until the senescence. Now I wash my face In cool water I melt me I become the water you’ll drink I become the cancer that hugs your heart You’ll ask me much more You’ll ask me more and more ‘cause exist only a breath that can bring you deep. And I drive a stake in your head. Perfect me? I can’t. Show me another place where I can go bad You shouldn’t be what I can, You should be what I want.

Album che contiene Senescence

album Hearth - Treehorn
Hearth 2011 - Rock, Noise, Alternativo

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