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Descrizione Wakin' life

A wolf eats your kids in the garden Meanwhile you crawl in the kitchen for a coffee. Sunday it’s not a good day to make war The mouth is still full of whisky and tobacco. And heroin. This one-way road leads to my return And then to my goodbye. Black angels spit on my face the phrases That I usually say. Tear to pieces my good intentions And open their mouth when I fall. When I’m stoned. There are lights that dig my eyes when I wheeze on the sidewalk. And cars, cars that smash my head on the asphalt. Why don’t you bless me? Why don’t you taste me? This trip finishes with me, closed eyes. I’ve never seen the end I’ve never… Oh take my hand, lover ‘cause love is behind me. Take my hand, lover ‘cause love is behind me.

Album che contiene Wakin' life

album Hearth - Treehorn
Hearth 2011 - Rock, Noise, Alternativo

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