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The world’s favorite anarcho blues lullaby noise free jazz avant circus punk band of joyful rebel revelers has yet again created another mesmerizingly entertaining musical album of much needed political provocation. With Piero ‘Torpedo’ Spitilli joining the band on bass (Squarcicatrici, Baro Drom Orkestar), Thollem (Hand To Man Band), Jacopo (L’Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici), and Andrea (Jealousy Party), Tsigoti continues full steam ahead on their fourth and latest release, refining the direction of their previous works. The great Italian illustrator Squaz (check out his website HOTEL-TARANTULA) contributes the artwork, Alessandro Maffei‘s behind the mixes, and mastering the album was Deerhoof’s own John Dieterich. Taking all into account, Read Between The Lines…Think Outside Them will become a collector’s item for those who love this band already as well as those yet initiated.


Thollem Mc Donas - piano, voce
Jacopo Andreini - chitarra
Piero Spitilli - basso
Andrea Caprara - batteria

Missato da Alessandro Maffei ed Andrea Caprara
Mastering di John Dietrich


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