released May 31, 2013

· Drums recorded and edited by Jonathan Mazzeo of Bleed Someone Dry at Mathlab Recording Studio |
· Bass DIY recorded and edited by Armando Marchetti at LaStanza Home Recording Studio
· Guitar and vocals recorded and edited by Michele Bertocchini (ex Versions) at No Limit Studio |
· Mixing & mastering by Michele Bertocchini
· Cover art by Lelia Àlvarez |
· Graphic design by Alessandro Cheti (ex Yes I Swear, now in Traveller's Tales) |

Joshua Pettinicchio (raw vocals)
Armando Marchetti (clean vocals, guitar, programming)
Federico Morandi (bass, backing vocals)
Gianmarco Ricciarelli (drums)
Michele Bertocchini (guitar, executive production)

· All music composed, produced and performed by Under The Bed
· All lyrics by Armando Marchetti
· Track 3 co-written with Joshua Pettinicchio and Andrea Barillari
· Bechstein piano in track 5 played by Armando Marchetti


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