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Credits In The End Of The Night

Valeriano Gaibazzi

Testo della canzone

And I'm here in this bar in Toledo
In this evening forgotten in time
In this emptiness now that surround me
yes I'm thinking of You all the time.

You are so far away and I miss you
like a baby that search for his Mom
And the night will embrace all my sorroww
with this pain that is filling my mind

You never gave me the time in the end
You've trown our love and you've never explained
You've never listened the words that I said
You've never listened the love that I felt

You said that Poems are only words
They ain't got no meaning they are like a bird
Well I believed in those words all the time
Now they are closed in my heart.

And this girl that is talking to me now
it would be easy to fall in her arms
But I see Your face over and over
it won't help to heal this pain tonight.

Don't ask me why but she blown out my mind
and I can't understand all this sorrow
I've been trying to call you night after night
but You never answered me I don't know why

And this guitar that I'm playing tonight
will be crying with me all this sorrow
You are so far away and You'll never come back
but I'll wait here for You 'till the end...

Album che contiene In The End Of The Night

album In The End Of The Night - Valeriano Gaibazzi
In The End Of The Night 2012 - Easy-listening, Pop rock, Ambient

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