Valeriano Gaibazzi - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics You Are My Friend



Credits You Are My Friend

Valeriano Gaibazzi

Testo della canzone

When you need me by your side
i will walk in your direction
when you're sad and feeling dow
i will lend you one emotion...

When the night is coming down
i will light the sky for you
when the words wil be so hard
i wil lend my voice to you

Don't be affraid
you're not alone
don't feel so sad
you're not on your own

Give me your hand
follow my steps
i'll be with you
i'll be with you when you need me
i'll always be there...

Dry your tears and smile to me
there's no shadows in your life now
you will never be alone
you will never shed a tear now...

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