Vanilla Sky - Testo Lyrics Wasting All My Time

Testo della canzone

And You Say that I was strong
enough to write this song
enough to say I can be fine also being without you
Have you ever looked at the sky
and asked yourself why
You were the one who 4 years ago wanted me to run away
Wasting all my time
Have you Ever Thought I'm crying
Wasting all my time
You were just my little star
Wasting all my time
And there's nothing left to say
I whish I wouldn't Waste my time

Now you say that I'm still strong
enough to write this song
and try to find the words to say I don't Want to loose you again
So many different ways
Maybe nothing left to say
But you never tried to take my way and now I need to run away

You never tried to see
what I showed to you is not me
You never tried to be yourself with me
That's wrong

Album che contiene Wasting All My Time

album Waiting For Something - Vanilla SkyWaiting For Something
2004 - Rock, Alternativo, Pop punk
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