2011 - Rock, Blues, Electro


noBlues Tour – Finland, August 2011 noBlues Tour was an atypical “tour” made up of instruments slung over our shoulders and comfortable shoes, August scarves and makkaras, koskenkorva and 1W amplifiers.

Verbaspinae spent a week between Tampere and Helsinki, playing until dawn in the woods, in the subways surrounded by smiles and “sorry men, you can’t play here”, in damp gazebos by the lakeside, in noisy streets and crowded ferries.

Everything started with a warm blues jam in E (hence the name noBlues tour, ’cause we are funny people), which then developed in many different directions. It was a continuous fraternal inspiration drawn from overwhelming natural landscapes and wall posters written in a language full of Ks, diaereses and pitiless double Ts:

New songs and lyrics were coming out of our out-of-tune breakfast guitars and late walks home, only accompanied by the clapping of hands and a G harp.

It was not just musical creation but also visual, with a camera (almost) always ready to record, immediate post-editing and online sharing: since thet are too lazy to write postcards, these are their greetings from a very “blues” seven-day noBlues tour.



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