Victim Of Illusion - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Dancing in a cell



Testo della canzone

Dancing in a cell

Every time you call my name

What's in a morning star on me What's in an endless wheel

It' talking to me, it's talking to my reaction greed

What's in a starless night on me What's in a restless dream

It's talking to me, it' s talking to my reaction greed

Let me hear the rythm, let me hear the sound Let me hear the rythm, dancing in a cell

Iridescent floating rainbow eyes
Wind of ashes covering the hills around Mind is blank confusion in my head Faded memories betray my wasted time

Over the light I feel the breath, night is another endless time
Show me the way And walk with me, finally I feel the horizon depth

Album che contiene Dancing in a cell

album Oxideyes - Victim Of IllusionOxideyes
2014 - Rock, Progressive

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