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The Curtain Falls

fire heats without shelter in the night
and the river is a slimy snake too close
tell me who brought me here in the dark
is not real
cold is coming I can feel it like a veil
what have I done
another step could be the last before I fall
tell me why

you could stop this endless nightmare that I live
you think you love me and instead you're killing me

I'm falling down
my mind is clear
don't waste your time
in tears

shoot before it is too late
before I hear the call
shoot don't think about my past/ shoot to save my memory
it was long time ago
don't you look beyond my eyes ?
in darkness of my soul
I don't see your love you know
that I'm another one

kill me while the rain is falling
innocence and purity
come back to me
never will return the beast
don't you worry?
now that you can kiss my lips and run away

I'm falling down
my mind is clear
I'm falling down
don't waste your time
I'm falling down

Album che contiene The Curtain Falls

album What Senses Blow Away - Victim Of IllusionWhat Senses Blow Away
2011 - Rock, Progressive, Crossover
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