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BIOGRAPHY Viveur Vivianne’s life begins in November of 2000 in Italy, born of a natural artistic feeling among three unusual musicians. Their musical production begins with a wide series of improvisations which go beyond any attempt to frame them in a special musical genre. This alienor beginning lasts about nine very intense months, which deeply change the artistic vision of the trio.The first Ep released by the band is "Dominique paints only in china", that includes 6 songs, and expresses their intense musical search accomplished in that period, with a sound always in the balance between solar melodies and dark falls down into obscure atmospheres. “Dominique paints only in china” Relased in Spring 2002 The Ep gives the band the possibility to perform live in italy and to be selected for the "SAMIGO top 100". TOUR_ “Remembering flowers” 15-02-06 live at “AREZZO WAVE” finali provinciali 27-05-03 live at NEW AGE_Napoli 26-06-03 live at spalti del maschio angioino-“LO SGUARDO DI ULISSE” Soon they decide to move to England, where an intense live activity begins. they play in several venues in London. The city gives new life to the band that releases a new studio recording. “Funeral for a cloud” Relased in Summer 2004 TOUR_ “Funeral for a cloud” 04-12-04 live at CAERNARVON CASTLE, London 27-01-05 live at GARAGE, London 25-02-05 live at BULL& GATE, London 01-04-05 live at GARAGE, London 20-04-05 live at BESTY TROTWOOD, London 23-05-05 live at PLEASURE UNIT, London 22-06-05 live at UPSTAIRS AT GARAGE, London 03-07-05 live at VERGE, London 09-07-05 live at BARFLY, London 17-09-05 live at CAERNARVON CASTLE, London 23-11-05 live at HOPE AND ANCHOR, London 04-02-06 live at WEST ONE FOUR “Emergenza Music Festival” , London 03-03-06 live at CLOCKWORK, London 10-03-06 live at RED ROOM, London 21-04-06 live at WEST ONE FOUR “Emergenza Music Festival” 2nd Step, London 06-06-06 live at WEST ONE FOUR “Acoustic night” , London 30-07-06 live at ASTORIA “Emergenza Music Festival” FINAL , London The work consolidates a style which characterizes the band in a unique way, delicately obscure, and attracts the darker side of London’s musical scene. They receive several reviews on English musical magazines such as SPILL and MNE and take part in the worldwide festival for unsigned bands: "Emergenza Music Festival”, being placed among the 10 best unsigned bands in the U.K. and performing the final at the famous theatre ASTORIA of London on July 30th, 2006. In August they take part in several festivals in Italy like the ROADIE ROCK festival(Reggio Emilia) and the MUSIC IN PROGRESS (Crema). In the October 2006 Vivianne Viveur are in studio for the recording of their first album for the indie label “SEAHORSE RECORDINGS” in Naples, produced by Paolo Messere(Blassed Child Opera and Ulan Bator). The album " The Art of Arranging flowers " contains 12 songs and comes out in Italy for SEAHORSE RECORDINGS in April, distributed by GOODFELLAS DISTRIBUTION with “FRIDGE EDITION”, and in U.K. by CRIMSON ROSES PATH Ltd. A work which expresses a delicate and very original art-rock, with wave influences from the 80’. “The art of arranging flowers” Relased in April 2006 TOUR_ “Never felt so cold” 30-03-07 live at MAMAMU, Naples 18-04-07 love at LOCANDA ATLANTIDE, Rome 24-04-07 live at NOMI NIGHT, Parma 26-04-07 live at CIRCOLO META MULTIMEDIA, Arezzo 27-04-07 live at ROCK HOUSE, Pescara 05-05-07 live at GARAGE, London 10-05-07 live at CLOCKWORK, London 20-05-07 live at BAR FLY, Manchester 11-08-07 live at Ypsigrock festival, Castelbuono, Palermo Vivianne Viveur is in the rooster of “MINUTA RECORDS” , Swiss label and booking agency from October 2007 and their album, “The art of arranging flowers”, will be produced and distributed in Switzerland and Belgium by “PHENIX RECORDS”, independent music label, in January 2008 and in France in march 2008 by “DERUIT DE SILENCE”. Vivianne Viveur announce new album: VERT OUT 20 November 2008 for Seahorse. In 2010 Vivianne Viveur released Rain feelings for my fay records. In 2016 Vivianne Viveur released Lulu' en hiver for my fay records and Jardin du luxembourg diques.

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