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PRINCESS Every year I?ve been away Inside of me Can?t you see it? I know I?ve been away Shall I be gone again? Don?t you feel any remorse? You must be this far! Your arms once again passed me through as a shivering ghost And then you?ve left again in the dreamy rain I must warn you the rain is distant as a night It must have been a nightmare tonight It must have been horrible as the first sweet night Blow me away in a fairy night And stop the rain from ticking on my window; it?s driving me mad The ivy is poisoning you The plastic flower And the amazing rain Blow me away in a fairy night And stop the rain from ticking on my window The venom mask that you so adored Le reveille, le fleur, le fleur en plastique And the amazing rain When you wonder and you don?t remember me You still stare at the sea, you?re depressed see? In despite of this rain I still feel the unconsciousness of our dream And then you closed your eyes again under the severe rain Remember? I remember when you used to draw the clouds The same harsh winter pain it cannot be!

Album che contiene PRINCESS

album The Art Of Arranging Flowers - Vivianne Viveur
The Art Of Arranging Flowers 2007 - Sperimentale, Psichedelico, Gotico Seahorse Recordings, Goodfellas

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