Vivianne Viveur - Ascolta Waiting for the tide



Descrizione Waiting for the tide

Waiting for the tide Mending your soul catching the moon and you don?t care loving the ones shrouded by clouds and you don?t care watching clumsy stars fall down how do you like being far? and I fall lost lonely again with my head facing the ground and I love you once again with my head up in the clouds as long as you hurt me oh nevermore watching and watch and you just fall touching the turquoise of a nightfall watching clumsy stars fall down and now I know why you looked so far with your head up in the clouds the tide is coming in to take us down your lips fell on mine we will drown

Album che contiene Waiting for the tide

album Vert - Vivianne ViveurVert
2008 - Indie, Alternativo, Post-Rock Seahorse Recordings, Goodfellas
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