Descrizione a cura della band

This is a five track 12"/CD of what they describe as Rock/Dance based on Techno & Hip-Hop rhythms.
Side 'A' opens with "Ghetto Ghetto (Ghetto Mix)", a track with a light, continuous drum beat over which guitars white-wash over it. Slow to work it's way into your unconscious, but it has an insidious charm, being neither too soft nor too hard, both interesting & danceable. "Ghetto Ghetto (Ghetto Ghetto Mix)" has a lighter frame over which a lot more interesting things are laid - a more complex beat structure with bursts of white guitar and scampering piano filling in some of the spaces. It meanders off in a structure both loose yet discretely tight.

The 'B' side begins with "Ghetto Ghetto (Instrumental)" - which is what you might have guessed. I actually like this a lot more than the 'A' side versions - they had to push themselves further on this to keep it interesting & have come up with something a little like early KILLING JOKE in that, while it's repetitive, it's bright & colourful enough to be a minor dance hit on it's own. "Drive Cops (Poppers Remix)" is a thinner, more minimal track, danceable with a 'Dub' feel to it - bright drum patterns & a reedy organ, thin guitar & drawling vocals make this an interesting dance track with a 'Rock'n'Roll' feel to it. "Beauty Shoes" comes in like some Punk/Heavy Metal thrash-out - totally different to the previous tracks. The vocalist has that American 'twang' to his voice so many Rock singers pick up. It could almost pass for Cyberpunk! The kind of bright, fast spatial Rock you might get if you were to scrub the dirt & edges from early MOTORHEAD.


Cover By – Alessandro Raffini (tracks: Billy Blade Gaz Nevada)
Producer By – Paolo Favati (tracks: Pankow)


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