Warmhouse - 1984 testo lyric


I’m gettin’ old again

Oh, I don’t talk enough

But your snow white hills

And this path goes down from here

And this flavour of burnt fears

Make me feel in a storm

Calling out to me

Blowing out my name

You have spent all time to find

Deeper stories, some tones to mind

No more words, no other sounds

Just want to go around

And so my short tongue is perfect

The right jacket on your desire skirt

Like a bucket to flood and fill up

It’s ok, coming, hurry up!

Yes, we’re safe enough

And you smile,

Not in risk at all

Safe and free we roll

A highway you think to know


You read 1984

But again it's just a story

Like glasses to the ground

Like two eyes the sun turns brown

Iron sweetness is my weapon and

Again a trap, a gain here in my hand

Stick my fingers, now I understand

How the flood, how the sand

Hit the world of my mind

Oh I can’t cry, paralyzed eyes

Motionless this hug,

We don't care

My parents, they don't call

In my mind appear like old

Softly speaking voices

A hug


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