Watcher of the Trees - The Old ManTree testo lyric


The shade of the old ‘ManTree’
Stretching out into the vesper’s light
The horizon is an invisible line
In the distance of a hidden time 

The youth transcended and lived
Among winds, rains and shadows
In the cold wintertime now it looks sunny 
Illusion of having given leads to safe place

The voice of the old ‘ManTree’
Tells the tales concerning human beings
They crossed the waters beyond the woods
In the ancient world before the flood

The youth hanging by a brittle twig
Swings like a red rag at the memory wind
Just like inside a fallen leaf and never forgotten 
Lies the illusion to be survived at times

Small saplings once shrubs
Brighten the days still surprised by curious lives
The wise teacher says, doesn’t teach 
The good student listens and so learns

It’s like this, season after season
Changes come without warning
As well as vanish the silent shades footprints 
In the dim light of the Big Dipper

In the youth of the reckless wisdom 
A brilliant World crowned by white Heather
Spoke to the Waters of the sea, the Fire in the sky
To the Air full of pollen, the Earth with its sprouts


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© Dario Marconcini


La canzone The Old ManTree si trova nell'album Fireflies in the Wood uscito nel 2016 per Old ManTree, Old ManTree.

Copertina dell'album Fireflies in the Wood, di Watcher of the Trees

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