Watcher of the Trees - The Shadows of the Trees testo lyric


The light pierces the thick branches
It pervades you deep inside
All around dance lively dancers
A crimson heart flies to the hillside

An endless sea of pink flowers
Falling stars set fire in the skies
Open green fields guard wild horses
Regal Eagles glide from nightly clouds

The shadows of the trees hide stories 
In their crib full of amazing dreams
You let oneself go dozed off and without shoes 
Unaware that soon your carefreeness
Will be kidnapped

Droves of men encased in their ivory towers
An uncoloured world made so small and weak
A bird with broken wings lies in the indifference
The bringer of dreams collects him with disregard

But you’ll always be the old and big Tree
That watches over the Creatures and the Earth
Remaining in the silence of your own shadow
Luckily you are here and there


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La canzone The Shadows of the Trees si trova nell'album Fireflies in the Wood uscito nel 2016 per Old ManTree, Old ManTree.

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