Watcher of the Trees - Trees Are Blooming testo lyric


The wind blows to me
I feel its faint breath inside
Slight crackles of campfire
Stories told by Mother Earth

Waiting for the sunrise
To warm me up through the trees
And being embraced by the sun
In the flurry of new born leaves

From the highest mountains
Glittering streams flow towards me
The milky way
Leads me where the peace lives

If I really gave everything
For a small house of wood and stone
Merry lives will be delighted
The harvest time is coming along

Show the light
Reveal yourself through the smile
Live the life all the time
Hold the line
Keep alive your inner flame
Change to have with to be

Turn the useless regrets away
Indulge yourself to what will come

The trees are blooming
Soon I will wear cherries on my ears
Running in the bright light
Of the sunny afternoon of June

The mothers' laughter
The ninth moon has been eclipsed
A shot of sickle
And a thousand butterflies reborn in the wind


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© Dario Marconcini


La canzone Trees Are Blooming si trova nell'album Fireflies in the Wood uscito nel 2016 per Old ManTree, Old ManTree.

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