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Enjoy Mrs. Ingram's debut EP "Play With Fire"!
-- Get it here! -- http://soundcloud.com/wearemrsingram/sets/play-with-fire-ep

When we first started to write these songs we were younger and carefree, but life ain't no easy, and growing up is one of the biggest challenge everyone will ever face. We made happy and unhappy experiences, becoming what we are now! This music is simply the story of our youth, probably the story of everybody. It is with this idea in your mind that our songs are meant to be listen!

Starting with “You Won't Keep Me Home” you will enter the dream world of a life made of a never ending party! We wanted emancipation from our parents, we wanted to meet new people, to make new friends, to visit new places. We fell in love, as you will hear in “I Don't Wanna Be Friends”, and we also hated someone who was cooler than us, making our lives apparently harder, choking our small hopes (and that's “Vanity Kills”). And love is the biggest thing we discovered as we were becoming adults. Loving someone is not the easiest thing, and sometimes we got annoyed and angry: so we would like to see a “Fist Against You're Nose”. Sometimes we would get sad, but we've never lost our hopes, aided by someone who cared for us (“Take My Hand”). Never stop dreaming of a better future for yourself!


All Rights Reserved
This EP has been produced by 93 Steps©
Mixed and Mastered at Officine Underground by Edoardo "Dodi" Pellizzari
"You Won't Keep Me Home" Mixed and Mastered at Officine Underground by Sabino Cannone


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