WE ARE WAVES - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Emptiness behind the walls



Testo della canzone

Apart from the feelings
Out of control
Unimposing soul

We walk into fields of words
They'll never be said, they've fled
We'll never know their fate

There is no guilt in that
There is no mistake
I've got to keep on looking back

We will never grow
Future days go down below
Emptiness behind the walls
They fall, they fall
Tall like waterfalls
Laid on the shore

We'll drink to this destroyed home
Before it is built, we'll wilt
Without a shining light

Beyond all the possible choices
Beyond all the possible lives
I've got to keep on looking back

And I know I ran for miles
Looking for you in the smile
Of every stranger
Of every danger
That I found

Is it your heart, it doesn't beat
my eyes see just a piece of meat
I should wake up
I've got to stop looking back

Album che contiene Emptiness behind the walls

album Labile - WE ARE WAVESLabile
2014 - New-Wave, Elettronico, Alternativo

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