WE ARE WAVES - Old days testo lyric


Come a long way to be here
Come a long way to be here
But if I'm honest with myself
I don't know where I am

I'm defined and cursed again
Everytime I look at me
So who am I?
And who are those thousands
That keep on watching
From my old days

Beauty walks with us
When we look ahead
All the missing pieces on the road
Won't make a human being

It's a heavy weight for shoulders
That won't ever be strong
Enough to face the faces
Of my old days

I was so much older
When my age was into teen
All that I can do
Is make up for
My lost and wasted time

The pain I felt
The days I've lost
The tears I cried
The fingers on the wall
Run away and fade

Don't trust in who has never been in suffering
Even if it's hard
He will never tame the blaze
Of my old days


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La canzone Old days si trova nell'album Labile uscito nel 2013.

Copertina dell'album Labile, di WE ARE WAVES

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