WE ARE WAVES - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Raquin's violent vein



Testo della canzone

Been a daughter
Taken fake pills
Silent and quiet at night
A bride with ball and chain
When I feel his body
It is just another lie
To get out of hell

Feed me - power, corruption and lies
I don't know who I am
Trick me with that insignificant guy
I cannot understand
Buried in days that I can't stand

Met you in secret
Afterglows in crumbling rooms
You will be my getaway tonight
Now I'm right to give the blame
The dream will come true
It is a boat trip away
And a drowning affair, just a drowning affair

I can't stand
I can't stand
A dead body in my hand
We'll keep this lie as a violent token

Album che contiene Raquin's violent vein

album Labile - WE ARE WAVESLabile
2014 - New-Wave, Elettronico, Alternativo

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  • Emanuele Ago Argenti 21/03/2015 ore 18:32 @argenti.emanuele64

    pezzo molto interessante, basso potente come la batteria, tastiere a chitarra si amalgamano alla perfezione. Molto bella la voce, a volte ricorda Adrian Borland, perfetta per questo sound . Bravi ragazzi e auguri.

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