WE ARE WAVES - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Road to you



Testo della canzone

Taking time to get lost like snowflakes
I'm redressing my mistakes
Stealing your hands and neck
Like a wreck
I'll always love the road to you

With a picture of your scent I will stay
To keep your shadow on my way
While I'm walking on a feeling of faint
I'll always love the road to you

There seems to be
To be no end in sight
Something beautiful
Takes me on a fright
So keep me warm
Somewhere inside you keep me warm

While the fog eats the sun as a slime
I remember when my heart beat last time
Now It's my own sunrise, my first prize
I'll always love the road to you

Album che contiene Road to you

album Labile - WE ARE WAVESLabile
2014 - New-Wave, Elettronico, Alternativo

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