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Testo della canzone

Looking down to find a meaning
Looking down to find a reason why
I hang around
The sun's imploding while I'm ceasing
To depict a life that wasn't mine
I hang around

But I'm afraid whenever I'm alone
I feel afraid whenever I'm alone
Into the hurricane
Of a noisy brain of mine

While the snow melts into rain
And my prints are visible again
I hang around
Fever pitch, that's the feeling
For the thousand ways I'll cover up
I won't hang around
I'll never hang around

Into the hurricane that ever
I had to look into the eye
Into the creepy haze that all the days
I tried to leave behind
In a meaningless existence
I can't fill with a light
And I'm afraid whenever I'm alone
I know why I'm afraid whenever I'm alone
How did I come to this?

Album che contiene Whenever I'm alone

album Labile - WE ARE WAVESLabile
2014 - New-Wave, Elettronico, Alternativo

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