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Testo della canzone

It takes a while
It takes a while
Just a moment
A bad choice

Pale smooth thighs
Sharp as silence
In a bitter backseat haze

She's not out of her woods yet
And I am dragged to her mud, again

Watching demons sweat
Out from our skin
As if there was no tonight

Just let me worship your wrong way
In a sleazy way
We'll be led astray
Moved by lust and faith
We're alone, together.

Crack of dawn
Under the overpass
Cold as hell

Shall we grow and forget this all
Shall we grow and fix what we broke
Shall we grow and run, run, run away from darkness

Your own wrong way to adore
Your own wrong way to die for
Your own way to lose control
Your own way to make my life
An endless worship

Album che contiene Worship

album Labile - WE ARE WAVES
Labile 2014 - New-Wave, Elettronico, Alternativo

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