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Wildmen Wildmen

Shit Music For Shit People
2013 - Rock'n'roll, Psichedelico, Alternativo

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While all the world kept wondering about the future, the Wildmen, a blasphemous duo born from the union of "Evil & Ugly", had already foreseen with the Gregorian Calendar at hand the arrival of 2013, exactly by the month of March.
They started playing the only instruments left on the field, as it already happened to the proto jazzmen of New Orleans during the American Civil War, and from silvery bits of drums and loose guitar strings they started pulling out a stream of raw garage pop that feels like it’s never gonna stop. On stage, with the same violence of the Mississippi when it flows in its delta, turning each venue into a factory of whistling ears, loopy heads and, more than anything, shaking butts.
After a radical European tour in 2012, the singles "20.000$" and "I Spit On Your Graves" (Yeah, the video clip that seems to be inspired by "La Grande Bouffe"), the lethal split "Drunkula" feat. Capputtini 'I Lignu, now the two instrumented perverts know that you are ready to listen to their first Long Playing out March 14th on Shit Music For Shit People.
That's why they're ready to tour again Italy and the rest of Europe, just so that girls and wild boys know that garage'n'roll lives and still kicks asses.
For lovers of Black Flag, but also for followers of bands such as Ty Segall and Black Lips, the debut album, is certainly a record to have and their live shows are an appointment which shouldn’t be missed.

"Haters Gonna Hate" è il primo singolo ufficiale tratto dall'album di debutto - uscito il primo Febbraio in Digital Download.
Wildmen – s/t album di debutto sarà fuori il 14 Marzo in Vinile e Digital Download.


Video Ufficiali:
“20.000 $”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV7NGZRysQI
“I Spit On Your Graves”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfPyiGoqnJo

s/t - 7" single (Jungle Beat Rec. / Muzak production)
"I Spit On Your Graves" - 7" single (Kuma Records)
“Drunkula” – 7” split w/ Capputtini 'I Lignu (Shit Music for Shit People)
"Blank Face" – song in a compilation (Boss Hoss Records)
“Haters Gonna Hate” – digital single (Shit Music For Shit People)
Wildmen - s/t debut album (Shit Music For Shit People)

Last European tour event on Facebook:


Tutti brani sono stati scritti e arrangiati dai Wildmen.
Prodotto, registrato e mixato all'Outside Inside Studio (Montebelluna, Italy) nell'Aprile 2012 da Emanuele "Nene" Baratto.

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