Window Shop For Love - Blindness testo lyric


"Maybe I would say too many things
no one regrets one more shout in your face
now I feel so insecure the witness
we'd better continue our dream
I become another man just because I was grown up too fast
that shit it's not what I thought
I'd rather die before I am too old
My nightmare came over us
I was too blind to understand what you felt
you know we're not alone
Maybe our destiny is just to show the real way we are
we better keep on dreaming we should stop to fight
stupid regrets oh please forgive you know that I won't leave
more than ever our time is running out
we got one shot no reason to hesitate


Premi play per ascoltare il brano Blindness di Window Shop For Love:


Fabio Berardo - chitarra
Maurizio Bodrero - voce
Marco De Bonis - chitarra
Fabio Rosso - batteria
Carlo Quaglia - basso


La canzone Blindness si trova nell'album Dawn Ep uscito nel 2004.

Copertina dell'album Dawn Ep, di Window Shop For Love

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