Window Shop For Love - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Dreaming Doll



Credits Dreaming Doll

Fabio Berardo - chitarra
Maurizio Bodrero - voce
Marco De Bonis - chitarra
Fabio Rosso - batteria
Carlo Quaglia - basso

Testo della canzone

She's only heighteen and nobody knows how pretty she is when she's my dreaming doll
she moves slowly her hands over me when we're all alone
but I have no regrets cause she's kinky to the bone

She draw lies on my lips, she blows life upon my face
she was illusions on my mind

Yeah when we was making love we used to think about a better world
but nothing's going to change as long she's gonna give it to me

Album che contiene Dreaming Doll

album Dawn Ep - Window Shop For LoveDawn Ep
2005 - Rock, Grunge, Alternativo
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