Window Shop For Love - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics M.O.A.B. (bonus track)



Credits M.O.A.B. (bonus track)

Fabio Berardo - chitarra
Maurizio Bodrero - voce
Marco De Bonis - chitarra
Fabio Rosso - batteria
Carlo Quaglia - basso

Testo della canzone

"If you need to shake your mind and you wanna waste your time
come on over to the show follow us into this clash
if you are a school loser playstation lobotomised user
if you can't go enough higher even with your cocaine
Hey ho no way home
mother of all bombs downtown tonight
for you
Let's dance around the same old song
that should be rock'n'roll
and it's nothing more than a rolling stone
you know there's nothing wrong with it
all we got is what you need
an orgasm you will feel"

Album che contiene M.O.A.B. (bonus track)

album Dawn Ep - Window Shop For LoveDawn Ep
2005 - Rock, Grunge, Alternativo
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