Window Shop For Love - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics My Glue (Acustica)



Credits My Glue (Acustica)

Scritta da Window Shop for Love

Fabio Berardo - chitarra acustica
Maurizio Bodrero - voce
Simone Lovera - basso

Testo della canzone

I would love to walk on this dark road with you
Talking about the same reasons to live for
But I must realize that you're so far away from here
And I should understand that you're into another embrace and now
Here it's just, here it's just
Me, myself and I
I would love to sleep by your side another night
Looking for a perfect love to live for
But I'll light one more cigarette
And I'll write another page of this
If I won't see you again
This song is all we're going to have
Here it's just, here it's just
Me, myself and I
Butterflies around my empty glass
Our smiling faces in a photograph
Broken pieces of my heart on the pavement
All the times I miss you, my glue
Cause you're my glue

Album che contiene My Glue (Acustica)

album June Ep - Window Shop For LoveJune Ep
2014 - Covers, Alternativo, Acustico
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