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Credits Say My Name

Scritta da Window Shop for Love

Fabio Berardo - chitarra
Maurizio Bodrero - voce
Simone Lovera - basso
Marco De Bonis - chitarra
Fabio Rosso - batteria

Testo della canzone

And commiseration
They ruin all my reputation
As 2 fists in the mouth that spin me round and round
Have you noticed that
You erased my name from memories?
Now all I do is to pretend
There’s no complain and no more pain inside my head.

But I believe
I’ll let you see
How thick is my heart when you let it bleed
See how long is the road I had run
I was in the middle of nowhere
And blind as I am
I met the Darkness and I grew my breed

I lost my crown
Cried my tears
And I roamed
1 million miles around the world
and I have returned
now I want you
To say my name
Say it loud for me.

Like a sparkle from a fire
I could float and fade away
Or blow on this flame
Keep me rising up.

Album che contiene Say My Name

album June Ep - Window Shop For Love
June Ep 2014 - Covers, Alternativo, Acustico

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