Sense by Erosion

Sense by Erosion

Winter Dust

2018 - Hardcore, Post-Rock, Screamo


The Padova, Italy sextet Winter Dust delivers a powerhouse blend of post- hardcore and post-rock that has the power to lift you up while shaking the ground where your feet once rested. A passion for the crafting of lush soundscapes helps establish a lovely canvas from which their eruptions of staggering, thoroughly moving heaviness can leap with even greater impact. Their newest effort, "Sense By Erosion" takes them further down the path they have been blazing with their previous three releases, featuring extended compositions brimming with fist- clenching moments of triumph and cathartic emotional release, as well loving explorations of the calming quiet within those integral spaces between the uproar. The inclusion of intermittent vocals adds an extra layer of vigor to their work and a unique element that helps them stand apart from the expectation of modern post- rock.



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