Marco Ricci, was born in Jyväskylä (Finland) and grew up in Trentino Alto-Adige (Italy), and is the founder member of Italian Chillwave/House music act Casa del Mirto. WON is his new solo project.

With Casa del Mirto, he has released four albums to international acclaim and supported acts like The Rapture and played Italy’s biggest houses. In 2011 they released the ‘1979’ album with numerous collaborations, including Ample Play Records, which is why Marco approached Ample Play with his WON album ‘ISOLUTION‘.

‘ISOLUTION‘ includes electronic influences and raw punk repetitions, it’s a mathematic album with pure dope black magic. It works with the numbers: 3 and 7. These prime numbers create the structure of songs, which evolve into an orderly chaos.

Whilst most people like to sleep just after midnight, there are those that listen to minimal techno with glitch overtures that are as natural as the sun outside rising and the day breaking, albeit in a funeral to contemporary electronic music.