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Being late what a fabulous hobby
Misunderstanding without even saying sorry
waitin' again for that thing to worry
neither I do call my self Mosby
And no one told you how to act
In this situation you are performing
Guess who's the winner of the prize
"you may do not deserve nothing"
And still now it's a matter of fact
To avoid people, who are annoying you
In their way of changing faces
'Till the next time, so disturbing

One day you may realize
You've lost the moon counting the stars
No more time to criticize
Part of the system, away like cars
It’s the constant, it’s the cycle
It’s solution, dissolution.
I have nothing to spare with you
But not tomorrow

Thrown like a piece of junk
Our talkin, our being drunk
away it's a way to act
to have some like being packt
your dedicated piece of heart
That you throw away


Called and then teared apart
Show me your being punk
Starts to think so smart
One of the ones
no more up in your court
Your shield has broken some
Pieces of glass
Stop listening to us

Album che contiene Miss Understanding

album Balancing Flowers with Iron EP Woods of Karma (Chiusa)
Balancing Flowers with Iron EP 2014 - Rock, Indie

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