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Michele Ionis Rusconi – lead Guitar, vocals
Stefano Ivan Scarascia – melodica, vocals

Andrea Spampinato – cajón, vocals
Jacopo Milesi – rhythm guitar, vocals
Tommaso Fiorini – double bass, vocals

Andrea plays handcrafted cajons by Joao Galinha
Stefano plays “Pianica” melodica by Yamaha

This cd was realised thanks to analogue crowdfunding in the streets of Milan. For more informations: www.woodygipsyband.com/fundraising-analogico

Live recorded by Enea Bardi at Le QuecumBar (42-44 Battersea High Street, London) on September 27, september 2013.

Mixed and mastered by Enea Bardi at Mono Studio, Milan, Italy
Produced by Woody Gipsy Band and Enea Bardi
Production manager: Alessandro Freno
Tour managers: Vincent Podziewsky and Chris Lucas

Thanks to:

Vincent Podziewsky, Chris Lucas, Fazil Rafice and his lovely family, Anoushka Lucas and the Humbolts, Christopher Le-Bozec, Susan Owen, Marley Le-Bozec, Any Lucas, Alice Podziewska, Louella Lucas, Natalia Lucas, The Duke of Cumberland staff, LeQuecumbar staff, Yoshihisa Sugiura and the Yamaha Design Studio London, Alessandro Freno, Edoardo Mozzanega e Laura Bianco, Ceramiche Milesi, Susi Giusi, Tecla Frisio, Carlotta Morri, Alberto Naldoni, Sofia Gotti, le Biancos.

design by Folp/Fango

1 - Belleville (D. Reinhardt)
2 - I'll See You In My Dreams (I. Jones)
3 - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (C. Porter)
4 - Un Petit Peu (M. Rusconi)
5 - Manzo Italiano (R. Carosone)
6 - Nicole (M. Rusconi)
7 - Bistro Fada (S. Wrembel)
8 - Late Night (M. Rusconi)
9 - Try Again! (M. Rusconi)
10 - All Of Me (G. Marks/S. Simons)
11 - Will You... (M. Rusconi)
12 - Remember Me? (M. Rusconi)
13 - Frenchmen Street (S.I. Scarascia)
14 - Ameriminor (R. Carosone/D. Reinhardt)

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  • julien2007 29/11/2013 ore 12:47 @julien2007

    Bella performance

  • lowflyer 06/12/2013 ore 12:10 @90228#lowflyer

    There is great chemistry among you guys. The songs are great, especially when you sing in Italian. The instrumentals are simply amazing. That is certainly the best rendition of "You'd be so nice to come home to" that I've ever heard. Keep up the good work!

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