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cannonball thru my town waking all the neighbourhood all trees get cut sooner or later and all bands reunite we're crash test babies we're always here fireworks in my glass and champagne bubbles in the sky sea foam


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I wrote the music in 2004, and did a demo with the acoustic guitar and the bass.. I had some vocals/lyrics but they were terrible.. Then I found out that this song had a very dreamy/psychedelic feel, I did another demo to try the sounds and then I started recording.. The structure is the very same of the first demo.. I added the Bontempi organ, some Deluxe Memory Man overdubs, Ebow.. Tada.
Roll up for the Mystery Tour.


La canzone Crash Test Babies si trova nell'album No Destination uscito nel 2008.

Copertina dell'album No Destination, di Worlich

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