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hell's a bed everything is dripping black walls and bye bye in a room a room on fire when you sleep push me away i'll never let you go cut me here i'll never let you go to disappear to dig a hole different colors a different door lock all belongs to me


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This is a simple song written very fast.. Usually all the best songs come in this way, if you have a song you are working on for too long you have to consider the fact that maybe it’s not-so-good-Al (yeah, there are exceptions..) I was jamming in my room and I broke the 6th string, so i tuned down the 5th from A to E and the 4th from D to A, without a tuner, to play bicords, but then I found out that was actually A#.. I just started jamming and.. there it is, in 2 minutes I had the song with the melody..and lyrics too.. An instant hit single in tha bedroom. I did a rough demo and a week later I recorded the basic tracks.. The solo is from that demo, it’s very fucked up, and you can hear that the high strings are very low (weeeooowww), because the guitar was not in tune.. And there’s this strange squeeeeek, a sort of radio interference (a sort of envelope) that i could control physically moving with my guitar around the amp.. I thought it was very indie rock, so i let it. I’m not a big fan of alternate tunings, ‘cause then you have to fuck around to play the song, so if I write a song with a particular tuning then I go back to standard and I find the way to play with it.


La canzone Hell si trova nell'album No Destination uscito nel 2008.

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