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how's everybody? it's nice to be back got the sun in my eyes and i can't complain sticking hands in the nettles to feel like 6 again anyone? no one will notice if we do it quick enough i tried so hard yes god knows how i did i tried so hard but i can't move on


I had this cool riff and i started recording but i wasn't happy with the song because it felt weak and pathetic.. sounded like a bad parody of an angry song.. so i was going to exclude it from the album.. Then the producer in me said "we need to start the record with a butt kick, and this is the right song.".. So I started my little high school research project: "write a rock song". l changed the lyrics, the melody and re-recorded the guitars in the verses and suddenly the whole dinamics of the song changed and it started working in a proper way. The intention was to scream for the whole song, but after a couple of frustrating vocal sessions I realized i sounded like a retard. The very first lyrics were a bit political/riotous and, since this was supposed to be my/our very first official released song, i was afraid of misunderstandings.. And thematically that early version didn't fit with the rest of the record.. So.. i had to sit down and plan a few things.. But, hey, you wanted the motherfucking rock song? Here it is.


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La canzone Majorette si trova nell'album No Destination uscito nel 2008.

Copertina dell'album No Destination, di Worlich
Copertina dell'album No Destination, di Worlich

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