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Descrizione Moon

This is a 2005 song about nothing.. I hate all the lyrics except for the first half of the second verse.. At the time I had a very similar song, with basically the same chords, it was very slow, so for this one I opted for a new wave pop type of arrangement, to not rewrite an identical song.. So here you go, single coils pickups, digital chorus, basic drum machine and my ‘90s old bad keyboard.. I remember recording the guitar while I was peeking at a House M.D. episode.. I always work on my music with the tv on.. But I totally hate House.

Testo della canzone

what's the sense of all this why aren't islands sinking in the freezing warm of summer days what's the meaning of this mess you'll be sorry when i will leave these things behind driving to the moon i stopped locking the door 'cause i feel so lonely the sky is falling on my head i don't care if you don't i'll watch you rot from the sky i'm gonna leave tonight

Album che contiene Moon

album No Destination - WorlichNo Destination
2009 - Pop
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