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i can't say i'm a believer i can't say i'm enjoying your game they're asking me if i am available i'm a dick and i'm ashamed i can't wait to it all becomes routine at least i wont have to think about it at least i'll relax the muscles maybe i just need some sleep [take it away Nick] relax, this is now where you belong


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A sort of sad sister of Tilia. Found this easy arpeggio one night, during a break from studying, (I composed 90% of my songs in these moments) and I recorded a quick demo with my cell phone. The solo part immediately popped when I recorded the demo.. Days later we were rehearsing and during a break i started playing it: "ta-da ta-da ta-da ta-da.." and Fabio immediatley "marquee moon?", and i was like "DAMMIT!". But i left it coz i dug it, and i like to incorporate these kinds of citations in my songs (eg. the beverly hills 90210 theme i play live in the middle of the solo of hell ( youtube.com/watch?v=nQHE9vd… (at 2:07) )


La canzone Oversleeping si trova nell'album I'm Glad EP uscito nel 2011.

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