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Descrizione Sugarbones

This is very funny, because this may seem a very serious and complex song, but it’s probably the easiest song I’ve ever written.. I wrote this little progression (D, F#, G), and the ascending (tadada-da,da,da,da..) in 20 seconds with my acoustic guitar, in 2003, and originally that was a joke-song about a friend of mine, with some falsetto vocals a-là the darkness.. Then one year later I recorded a full demo, and in litteraly 30 seconds i wrote all the rest of the song.. This final version has the very same structure of that quick rough demo.. When I have an input than the song comes itself, like digging a hole and let the oil spray up.. This is one of the first two songs I rehearsed/played with Worlich.. I wrote the final lyrics in 2008, watching our latest perfomance and translating the sound of what I used to ad-lib live into actual words.. Easy uh? I spent 2½ hours on the 35 seconds solo you hear in the middle.. This is the sound of my oldest songs, arpeggios, time switches, minimal singing..

Testo della canzone

i sit down waiting for the end the end of all i've never had i fade away i left the tears where you left my heart? one thousand rooms and you're here again are you?

Album che contiene Sugarbones

album No Destination Worlich
No Destination 2009 - Pop

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