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Descrizione Tilia

The first post ND song. A very important one. I was watching telly with my acoustic guitar on my knees and i found that initial thing.. Very Frusciante-y.. All i had was that that 40 seconds riff, and then i wrote all the rest.. The weird thing is that to me the music talks about one thing and the lyrics of another one.. You know the linden tree scent you can smell for like.. 2 weeks in june? that's what the music is talking about. it's fucking heady and reminds me of nursery school.
I literally had the "pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-papa" final vocal melody in my head for one year, i was going completely nuts at one point.

Testo della canzone

find your way behind the counter (don't even try) spin the wheel and cross your fingers (don't even try) i just can't so i keep shrugging as my favorite band is turning into a joke i keep making all these crappy songs my favorite band is now a joke (ooh the sunshine) spring is making my head spin yeah spring is making my head hurt yeah (spring is making my head spin) spring is making my head say yes (spring is making) spring is making my head say yes

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album I'm Glad EP Worlich
I'm Glad EP 2011 - Pop

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