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moving like atoms spinning out of touch seems pretty good so far no destination tomorrow comes today and tell me how it feels living in the ashes living in the fog when everything clicks together just like a deja-vù


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This is the rock-opera song of this album.. Some old and new riffs glued together.. In 2004 i recorded a 45mins jam called "umbrella factory collapse", basically a lot of riffs chained together, and then i abandoned a second jam i was planning called "big pink pig".. Some ideas of this track are from BPB.. I had the idea of doing a 10 mins track when i wrote the very first riff.. I was under the influence of a lot of caffeine when I composed/recorded this, I'm serious, and I was particularly obsessed with Brian Wilson's SMiLE, and the breakdown he had recording the fire section of the Elements Suite, (Mrs O'Leary's Cow).. I listened to the original recordings, not the 2004 re-do.. There's a lot of bootlegs out there, get the Purple Chick version, is the best one.. Anyway.. I tried to condense what I had in my head (hours and hours of variations and sounds) into 10 minutes.. I "wrote" the first verses seconds before hitting REC.. My voice is very fucked up because after 2 completely-out-of-tune takes I was starting to get really angry.., but it fits in the mega-crunch of the guitars..


La canzone Transitoria/Tempus Fugit si trova nell'album No Destination uscito nel 2008.

Copertina dell'album No Destination, di Worlich

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