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Descrizione Winter Comes Again

A very simple song.. I can’t remember.. I just did a demo, very similar to what you hear on the record, then I wrote the lyrics, the second verse is a dream I had the night before.. I had to pull down the rolling shutters to reduce traffic noise, because the two guitars are fingerpicked and very quiet.. you can actually hear me keeping my breath, the clicktrack coming out from the headphones, the grandfather clock ticking and some heavy trucks outside.. Then I added the organ and E-bow.. Hermit music.. Originally I was going to add a fade out at the end but listening to the rough mixes I loved the mouse clicks.

Testo della canzone

winter comes again winter never betrays me they're sealing all the junkies, with the cement corks come over stanley's moonwalking to the cardboard door stereotypes and racies i laugh from the beam come on over winter i'm ready winter

Album che contiene Winter Comes Again

album No Destination Worlich
No Destination 2009 - Pop

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