worn out army Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

worn out army Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Grunge, Alternativo, Post-Rock 

Cagliari, Sardegna


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Testo della canzone

Finally I found you doctor,
this should be your garden.
Look how many crazy blossoms,
they will grow up quickly..
unfortunately you won't be there,
this is my proud promise:
this should be the last time you dry them 'cause I'm coming over you.

Finally I see you doctor
this should be your cottage.
You had run away from desert,
from your precious army.
Now I'll take away from you what you had taken away from me.
You're a living dead, you can be sure that I'm coming over you.

You took your gun,
you killed my son,
you broke my life.
Now take your gun and
shoot at your daughter
look how she's dying.

Album che contiene army

album A PRESENT FOR YOU ep - worn out
A PRESENT FOR YOU ep 2011 - Alternativo

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