X-Aphrodite - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Agnosticism



Testo della canzone

I sat in regret for spending all life fearing the All Seeing Eye
When I feel happy, there's always a sad tear on my face

You can believe, just easily
looking for soul eternity
well, I don't mind 'bout what you feel
and for my mind, it's just you and me

anger's rising up, like the sun
goodbye long night, we had fun
there's more than one reason to live
and my body belongs to me

waiting for a piece of faith
no divine nor pagan hail
questions are so much weird
and so many now

Touched by a sense of loss
insane urge to scream, then just a cough
Infinite sky seems to fall on me
but I'm just a void, so that I feel I can fly

where is god?
show me your faith
I never will believe in doubt

Album che contiene Agnosticism

album Stars&Bounds - X-AphroditeStars&Bounds
2012 - Sperimentale, Rock, Alternativo
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