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Somewhere out there lives an old man
he's the keeper of Dark and Light
he knows soon or later
all colours will fade into white
Safe behind his walls
he keeps hiding from the world

What if the sun was blue
shining in a silver sky
purple waterfalls
and scarlet clouds
over mountains made of gold

and sixty seven moons
to look beyond a life
that seems to be all decided
Now I need to run
'cause I've been waiting too long

And how many reasons
how many people
shall I leave behind
everybody is still so busy shouting
their nonsense

Stubborn like a paper airplane
flying against a hurricane
I will challenge even gravity
to find out once and for all
where I belong


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La canzone Paper Airplane si trova nell'album Yukite uscito nel 2014.

Copertina dell'album Yukite, di Yukite

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